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1. What do I need to make reservations? Here is what we need to schedule your party.

Select your Strippers
Choose the dancers you would
like to have strip at your party and a few backup choices.
Date and Time
When you need the strippers
to arrive at your event.
Name of the Contact 
For the entertainers when 
they arrive at your party.
2 Phone Numbers so we can contact you the day/night of the event.
Address of the Party 
Full street address w/zip code
and unit # if needed. (If Hotel)
The name on the room reservation.
How many Guests 
will be attending the event (approximately).

2. When do I make payment?
Pay Cash Upon Arrival to the entertainers at your party.
Please have payment ready
before they get there.

*Party packages, specialty acts, and direct dancer picks will require a deposit.
Tipping Etiquette 
The initial payment will only
begin the party with stage 1
of the 4 stage party routine
the entertainers will offer. The remainder of the routine is based on your interest, participation
and generosity. In other words
all strippers work parties on a tipping basis. Please inform all your guests coming to the party
to be prepared to have some fun and tip.

3. How do I Prepare for the Entertainers?
Party Room for the event. 
The girls prefer a private room.
 (Covered  Windows - No Public Access)
Changing/Makeup Room 
for the girls. Preferably a semi-private setting.
Music and Light Show 
The entertainers will bring 
music, lights, party games and 
everything else they will need
for their routine.
Party Guests Please have the guest of honor and all other
guests present when the entertainers are scheduled to arrive. It only takes the girls a few minutes to prepare and begin their routine. 
Age Limit for Guests 
All guests that will be attending your party must be a Legal Adult.
18 years of age or over.
4. Do I Prepare Drinks/Food or whatever for the Entertainers?
It's Your Party Have your party with food, drinks, porno movies, blowup dolls or whatever turns you on. The entertainers will appreciate your offerings but
you don't need to make special arrangements for them.

5. What Else Can I do to ensure a Successful Party?
Be Nice to the Entertainers 
Do your best to make the girls feel comfortable and safe when they arrive at your party.
Be Generous Strippers, just like waiters, waitresses, limo drivers, bell boys etc. do make most of their money from tips.
Keep Guests Interested in the entertainers party routine. Some groups will need the party host
to be a "Party Guide"  helping to navigate them through the wild bachelor party adventure.
No Video or Photos Please make sure there are no video or photo camera's present or being used. Unfortunately, because of modern day internet, all female strippers in the business no longer allow any photos or video and they will definitely get upset.

we are only a phone call away

​for a price estimate
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